Project #7 Part 2 – Global Education Conference Review

The conference that I participated in was called Flattening the Globe: Resources and Ideas for Teachers with Global Project Potential Presented by Michele L. Haiken Ed.D. This conference caught my eye while I was trying to decide how to begin my global connection project. I started to watch the conference and was immediately interested since I was very unsure on exactly how and where to start. The presenter clearly deciphered everything you would need to know to start a global connection project. Michele Haiken described everything that needs to be considered in creating a successful global connection project including outcome, format, technology and other things to consider. Michele Haiken describes successful collaborative projects as clearly defined, having goals and outcomes, involve and include preparation prior to interactive collaboration, revolve around real questions and problems, and are engaging and motivating.  Included in the webinar were examples she had used in the past as projects as well as a list of useful websites to find collaborative global projects.  Once I finished this webinar I was confident in completing my project on global connection and look forward to completing one with my own students.


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